Why The Park School?

The Park is an all-through school from Reception to Sixth Form where every child is nurtured and valued for the contribution they make to our close-knit community. Our ethos comes from our Christian Foundation and this is borne out in the Trust, Respect and Friendship that are our measures for life at The Park.

We welcome children of all abilities, from those who are academically gifted and thrive on exams and tests, to those who find this aspect a real challenge and have difficulties with organisation or processing. Our teachers and support staff thrive on helping our children to achieve their potential and beyond. We nurture individuality and develop initiative as well as an acceptance of others’ talents and struggles; with the grace to celebrate our own and others’ achievements in all areas. Our children become articulate, confident and well-rounded young adults, who are proud of their own achievements and their school.

Small Classes

We guarantee to keep our class sizes small ensuring that every child has an opportunity to shine and grow.

Talented Teachers

At The Park School we employ a diversity of people who are passionate about education, strong practitioners, student-centred, innovative and full of ideas.

Pastoral Care

We believe every child has the right to develop as a confident, healthy and resilient individual and at The Park School they have every opportunity to do so.

Affordable Fees

We have a low fees, no-frills approach allowing more families access to the benefits of an independent education.


Beyond the classroom, our varied and challenging extra-curricular programme gives pupils opportunities to learn, achieve and have fun through individual and team activities.