Spirituality & our Community

We owe a debt of gratitude to our founders in 1851 with all the benefits of their foresight in the foundation of the school on Christian principles. Today we welcome those of all faiths and none and every child in our care benefits from the ethos and standards that we pursue under the guiding principles of Trust, Respect and Friendship.

Our motto: “Nisi Dominus Frustra” – “ Without God (it is) in vain” is an abbreviation of the first line of Psalm 127: “Except the Lord build the house, they that build it labour in vain.”

This has been particularly in our thoughts as we made the recent move to our lovely new surroundings. Our site at Chilton Cantelo is next door to St James’ Church and we are privileged to be able to use the church for our school services. Pre-prep and Prep School pupils have a service one morning per week and the Senior School on another, with the whole school coming together for worship each Friday to end the week together. Services are usually led by the Head or other members of staff, or by our School Chaplain – Revd Ron Martin, who is a Governor of the school.

Christian Union

Revd Martin also leads our Christian Union which meets fortnightly during term time. The meetings welcome everyone, whether they have a strong faith or none, or if they wish to explore their own spirituality.

Pastoral Care

The Chaplain is also available to discuss pastoral matters, as is Mrs Briggs, Head of Pastoral Care and our School Councillor is available by appointment.