Pupil Wellbeing

We understand that every child deserves an education that not only prepares them academically for the future but equips them emotionally for the challenges they will face outside the classroom and for the world they will enter when they leave our care.

We place a high priority on giving every child the tools and understanding to care for their own mental health.  Right from the moment a child comes to see us to plan their entry into the school, we seek to determine what makes that individual child happy.  A prospective pupil will come for a taster session, which has been carefully planned to incorporate some of their favourite subjects and activities.  They will be greeted by their ‘Buddy’ for the day, who will make them feel welcome, look after them, introduce them to classmates and ensure that they know their way around.

Form Tutors

The form tutor is the first port of call between school and home and early on they will make contact with parents to introduce themselves.  The tutor monitors on a daily basis how each child is progressing, ensuring that planners are filled in and signed and homework is understood.  The child quickly feels that they have a mentor they can trust and turn to if they are uncertain about anything.  The tutor becomes the focal point for that class, celebrating with those who receive good comments and supporting those for whom things go wrong, as they sometimes will, how to schedule and prioritise homework, revision and social life.  The tutor plays an important part in supporting the PHSE and Careers programmes as well as helping the tutee to set personal goals and targets to improve grades or manage work.

The Pastoral Team

Head of Pastoral Care – Mrs Alex Briggs is on hand to help if something is worrying a pupil either at school or at home, she is here to help.  Mr David Cudworth and his team in the Learning Support Department are also on hand with friendship coaching for those who find it confusing and they are always available during break and lunchtimes in ‘The Hub’ for students who would like a chat or a quiet place to be.


Support is on hand throughout a child’s time at The Park and at all ages and stages, our students know that there is always a compassionate and friendly adult to talk to.  If a child is feeling lost or sad perhaps through bereavement or the loss of a beloved pet, staff are on hand to help and sometimes a therapeutic walk with Tara the dog is just what is needed before returning to lessons with a friend for support.

Our mental wellbeing programme is supported by our School Councillor Amie Hancock, who is available for an individual consultation, often after an initial discussion with a parent or guardian when there is a concern.  Amie is available via the school office or directly at this email address.

We believe that a rounded education is as much about mental health and wellbeing as it is about academic lessons and this is further reflected in our activities programme, which includes sessions in Mindfulness and Yoga for those who wish to explore these aspects to compliment their studies.  Every child has the right to develop as a confident, healthy and resilient individual and we hope you will agree that children at The Park have every opportunity to do so.