Our Aims

The Park School aims to provide an inclusive educational experience for all our pupils, yet one in which each pupil is known as an individual and each is valued for their particular contribution to our community. We aim to prepare children for ‘real life’, to be articulate, confident and curious and to have a life-long love of learning.

In helping to achieve this we aim to build a partnership for education between home and school, with parents, pupils and teachers working together for the benefit of the child.

We aim to develop a caring, supportive community within our overarching Christian foundation, where children of all faiths and cultures are respected and valued.

We aim to provide support for those with additional learning needs within the context of our mainstream setting where we believe that they will benefit from and thrive in our environment.

We aim to provide extra-curricular activities, sporting, social and cultural opportunities to challenge pupils to develop new skills and enthusiasms, discover new talents and develop leadership skills in a wider context outside the classroom.

Our grounds and buildings allow us an appreciation of the natural world and we aim to develop in each child a concern for our environment and an involvement in preserving it for the future.

We aim to promote a love of learning and self-discipline as we develop strong relationships between staff and pupils, encouraged by a variety of teaching styles and with a sense of common purpose in bringing out the best in each of us.