Religious Studies A-Level, AQA

To be human is to think, and in so doing the ‘big questions’ of life are inevitably asked. A-level Religious Studies looks into complex questions in the fields of Philosophy, Ethics and Theology and equips students with the skills to consider, argue and debate these vital matters. During this course, students consider some of the major ethical schools of thought and apply the ideas to realistic scenarios, such as medical ethics. In addition, students study the fascinating subject of the philosophy of religion where the arguments for and against Theism and religious thought and belief, in general, are examined and debated. The course is complemented by studies in Christian thought, word, and theology.

How can Religious Studies contribute to a future career?

As well as being a fascinating subject in its own right an A-level in Religious Studies demonstrates an ability to think deeply and clearly and a willingness to consider the equally deeply held beliefs of others. Religious studies develops high-level skills in research, comprehension, analysis and evaluation. It is highly valued by universities and employers and is useful in many careers including teaching, youth work, journalism, the law, medicine, civil service and government.

Course of Study

  • Component 1: Philosophy of Religion & Ethics (50% of qualification)
  • Component 2: Study of a Religion: Christianity (50% of qualification)

How is this course implemented?

This course is taught entirely through classes or seminars. Small class sizes ensure that students have an exceptional amount of one to one time with a subject specialist to debate, discuss and explore the deep issues addressed. In addition, a wide range of reading material will be issued throughout the course to encourage students to develop independent study skills in preparation for University life and beyond. This mix of self-directed reading, teaching and student support makes this A-Level a superb platform to develop the thinking and study skills necessary to take a range of subjects further post A-Level.

How is this course assessed?

The course is assessed entirely through examinations. Students sit two 3 hour exams (one for each component) to achieve an A-level.


Contact Mr. Richard Coles, Head of Religious Studies for further information:

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