Physics A-Level, AQA

Physics forms the basis of many cutting-edge and exciting career opportunities from aerospace engineering to mobile phone technology, from research into sub-atomic particles to exploring the stars! At The Park School students receive the personal attention and mentoring they need to explore the key concepts of Physics and research the science that is changing our world.

How can Physics contribute to a future career?

Physics A-Level is ideal for those interested in researching the latest scientific discoveries, solving problems, carrying out investigations and the writing of technical reports. These activities form the basis of studying Physics and are essential to many technical careers from medicine to motor mechanics. A-level Physics is highly regarded by universities and it provides a solid foundation for any science or engineering qualification. 

Course of Study

There are 8 core areas of study and one optional subject selected from 5 possibilities at A-Level

  1. Measurements and their errors
  2. Particles and Radiation
  3. Waves
  4. Mechanics and Materials
  5. Electricity
  6. Further Mechanics and Thermal Physics
  7. Fields and their consequences
  8. Nuclear Physics

Optional Subjects: Astrophysics, Medical Physics, Engineering Physics, Turning points in Physics or Electronics.

How is this course implemented?

The format of study comprises traditional teaching supplemented by experimental investigation either as individuals or in small groups. Some theory will be researched individually, backed by problem solving sessions and group discussion. A dedicated textbook will be provided that can be supplemented by additional information gathered from the internet. Students are encouraged to manage their own learning, researching independently, meeting deadlines for assignments and presenting their findings.

How is this course assessed?

Three written papers are sat at the end of Year 13. Practical work is an integral part throughout the course and, if completed successfully, it provides an additional practical endorsement to your final A-Level qualification.


Contact Mr Andrew Gill, Teacher of Physics for further information:

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