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The Edexcel A-Level Music course is stimulating and enriching for students and teachers alike. Students gain experience in all three main musical disciplines of Performing, Composing and Appraising (formerly Listening and Understanding). The A-Level course is an intensive two-year course designed to prepare students for further musical study at universities or conservatoires. The course is undeniably rewarding and offers students the opportunity to extend their musical knowledge in a creative, practical and enjoyable way.

How can Music contribute to your future career?

A-Level Music is a pre-requisite for degrees in Music but also gives students a strong foundation for higher education or a career composing or performing music or working in the music industry, radio or film companies. Successful students may also follow careers in music teaching, events management or leisure/tourism. It is also a well regarded and valuable second or third subject of study for non-specialists due to the technical complexity and discipline required for the serious study of music.

Course of Study 

  • Component 1: Performing Music (30%) 
  • Component 2: Composing (30%) 
  • Component 3: Appraising (40%)

How is this course implemented?

Following on from the Edexcel Music GCSE the course involves a large element of practical work requiring instrumental or voice Solo and Ensemble performance equivalent to Associated Board Grade 6 to Grade 8. The Park School gives support to candidates through a wide range of musical activities on offer and through regular concerts.

How is this course assessed?

For the performance unit (unit 1) the music is chosen by the student, assessed by the centre and moderated by Edexcel. The composition elements (unit 2) are completed under controlled conditions at the school and assessed externally by Edexcel. Finally, unit 3 comprises timetabled written external exams, assessed by Edexcel. For a more detailed explanation and an insight into the set works and topics to be covered, please ask.


Contact Mr. Peter Rice, Teacher of Music for further information:

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