Modern Foreign Languages A-Level, OCR

Courses in Modern Languages at A-level provide the opportunity for students to improve existing linguistic skills taught at GCSE and to acquire new skills such as translation, essay writing and analysis of texts. Students will also learn more of the country concerned. French, Spanish & German are all available to study at The Park School. Additionally, we support any student who wishes to be entered for an A-Level in their native language.

How can Modern Foreign Languages contribute to a future career?

An ability to converse in a foreign language is a huge, often crucial asset in a wide range of fields such as Sales and Marketing, International Banking, European Law, Diplomacy, Journalism, Transport, Tourism and the EU, and essential in professional linguist posts in Interpreting and Translating. Language students learn to communicate effectively at a high level, gaining better understanding of grammatical structures and vocabulary. Insights into and contact with contemporary society and the cultural background and heritage of the French, German and Spanish speaking worlds are encouraged and developed. The course aims to provide a sufficient basis for further study at a degree level or equivalent.

Course of Study

  • Component 1: Comprehension a) Listening; b) Reading; c) Translation into English
  • Component 2: Writing a) Translation into target language; b) Reading and writing; c) Critical essay on prescribed film or literary text and Literary text essay on the prescribed literary text
  • Component 3: Speaking a) Discussion of stimulus card; b) Research project

How is this course implemented and assessed?

Teaching is mainly in the target language. Students are expected to follow up lesson work through reading and listening in their own time as well as preparing language exercises, essays, letters and larger projects. Resources in French, German and Spanish are available to help: newspapers, books, recordings, and the internet. The main course books are AQA French, Spanish and German. All A-Levels are assessed by examinations at the end of year 13.  The speaking component accounts for 30% of the overall grade.


Contact Mrs. Theresa Gordon, Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages for further information:

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