Mathematics A-Level, AQA

Mathematics is important in a wide-ranging field of careers. Employers place a high value on the subject, which makes it a popular A-Level subject choice. It can also be combined successfully with either Arts or Science subjects and is very versatile.

How can Mathematics contribute to a future career?

Ever increasing numbers of students choose A-Level Mathematics to complement humanities subjects and of course, it offers invaluable support to the traditional science subjects. Anyone considering a career in science, engineering, accountancy and/or computing should study Mathematics A-level. Logical thinking, problem-solving and statistical analysis are universally required in the work place.

Course of Study

  • Core Maths: This is the pure maths element of the course, and is made up of topics from the areas of Algebra, Geometry , Calculus, Trigonometry, Exponentials and Logarithms, Sequences and Series, Numerical Methods
  • Mechanics: This is the study of Motion and the Forces that cause motion. Real-life situations are modelled and outcomes predicted using simple mathematical rules and formula. Central to this module is the set of three laws of motion proposed by Sir Isaac Newton back in 1687.
  • Statistics: The statistics module extends the ideas introduced in GCSE. Topics include Data Presentation and Interpretation, Probability, Statistical distributions, Hypothesis Testing, Correlation and Regression

How is this course implemented?

Class learning supplemented with online resources for self-study and further practice.

How is this course assessed?

A-Level Maths is assessed by three examinations of equal weighting at the end of year 13.

  • Core Maths 
  • Core Maths and Mechanics
  • Core Maths and Statistics


Contact Mr Wyn Griffith, Teacher of A-Level Mathematics for further information:

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