Geography A-Level, AQA

At The Park School we cater for a wide range of abilities and aptitudes owing to our small class sizes and this also allows us to offer students some choice of topics within the Geography specification. Students will encounter a variety of teaching styles and acquire a broad range of skills useful to lifelong learning.

How can Geography contribute to a future career?

Geography has a key role to play in the understanding of and solutions to environmental, economic, social and political problems. Through studying these issues and problems students will gain experience of all six key skills identified within the National Curriculum. Students with A-level Geography have access to a wide range of possible careers and higher education courses. Students learn and use a variety of transferable skills throughout the course. Geography combines well with a broad spread of other A-level subjects, acting as a ‘bridge’ between the sciences and the humanities. It helps to keep open a wide range of higher education and career choices without requiring an early or restrictive commitment.

Course of Study

  • Physical Geography Core - Water and Carbon cycles Core - Physical Landscapes (Coastal Systems) Option - Hazards
  • Human Geography Core - Global Systems and Global Governance Core - Changing Places Option - Resource Security
  • Non-examined assessment Independent Investigation Based on Fieldwork, 3000-4000 word report.

How is this course implemented?

Fieldwork is an essential element of this course. A reasoned debate of relevant issues is encouraged and students have the opportunity to carry out independent research using the Sixth Form ICT suite.

How is this course assessed?

Assessment is through a combination of examinations and fieldwork. The Physical and Human papers carry an equal weighting of 40% each and the non-examined assessment is worth 20% of the final A-Level.

Contact Dr. Haydon Mort, Head of Geography for further information:

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