Further Mathematics A-Level, AQA

Mathematics is a fascinating subject and those who have enjoyed mathematics at GCSE should consider Further Mathematics at A-level. It can complement Humanities subjects or can be studied alongside the Sciences. Students hoping to take a Mathematics-related degree at university, such as Mathematics, Physics or Engineering should consider taking Further Mathematics A-Level as well as Mathematics A-Level. Further Mathematics is a well respected A-level which will be held in high regard by any future employer.

Course of Study

Further Mathematics is a great way to spend time doing lots of maths! The course is made up of Further Pure Mathematics modules together with modules in Statistics and Mechanics.

  • Pure modules include topics such as Differential Equations, Differentiation from first principles, Complex Numbers, Matrices, Roots of Equations, Linear Laws, Vectors, Hyperbolic Functions. In addition to the Further Pure modules students also study Mechanics and Statistics.
  • Mechanics topics include: Moments and Centres of Mass, Application of Differential Equations, Uniform Circular Motion, Work and Energy, Vertical Circular Motion.
  • Statistics topics include: Discrete Random Variable, Poisson Distribution, Continuous Random Variables, Hypothesis Testing, Chi-squared Tests.

How is this course implemented?

Class learning and individual homework, supported by high quality online resources.

How is this course assessed?

A-Level Further Maths is assessed by three examinations of equal weighting at the end of year 13

  • Further Pure Maths, 2 hours
  • Further Pure Maths, 2 hours
  • Mechanics and Statistics, 2 hours 


Contact Mr. Wyn Griffith, Teacher of Further Mathematics for further information: wyn.griffith@parkschool.com

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