Chemistry A-Level, AQA

Chemistry is an exciting and challenging subject. It is involved in everything around us - from the making of new materials to understanding biological systems. Chemistry has played a major part in the development of the modern world and remains the key science in most of the areas of scientific growth today. It is today’s school Chemistry student who will be shaping future technologies and influencing all of our lives. Whatever your future career plans Chemistry could play an important role. The chemical industry is still one of the largest in the country with a list of products as diverse as one could possibly imagine.

How can Chemistry contribute to a future career?

Chemistry A-level is an essential entry requirement in order to study for degrees in Medicine, Pharmacy, Chemical Engineering, Organic Chemistry and more. It allows successful graduates to pursue careers in many industries including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paints, fertilisers, dyestuffs and pigments. The subject is quite diverse and there are distinct overlaps with other A-level courses including Geography, Biology and Physics. Chemistry is one of the most respected A-levels available even for those not considering a career in science.

Course of Study A level

  • Paper 1 covers Physical and Inorganic Chemistry
  • Paper 2 covers Physical and Organic Chemistry
  • Paper 3 covers questions on practical techniques and data analysis as well as testing general knowledge gained across all the topics

How is this course implemented?

The course is delivered through a series of classroom-based tutorials and the completion of practical tasks. Students develop their research, problem-solving and analytical skills during this time. They are given opportunities to investigate real-world problems and it is expected that students undertake a degree of self-study. Students will also be encouraged to manage their own learning, researching independently, meeting deadlines for assignments and presenting their findings. A dedicated textbook will be provided that can be supplemented by additional information gathered by the student or provided by the teacher.

How is this course assessed?

A-level Chemistry is a linear two-year course with pupils sitting their exams at the end of Y13. The exams are set and marked externally. All the written exams for A-level will draw on knowledge gained throughout the course and will assess the understanding and interpretation of practical work. There is now an increased emphasis on mathematical skills within the written exams and a greater focus on Biochemistry.

Contact Miss Tessa Safadi, Teacher of Chemistry for further information

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