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A-Level Art at The Park School is taught in small classes to allow for plenty of individual tuition and attention. Courses can be designed with the interests of the student foremost and a range of techniques and disciplines is encouraged including textiles, sculpture, printmaking, painting/drawing, photography and 3D design. Students are required to gather information from a wide variety of sources; visits to galleries and exhibitions are organised.

How can Art contribute to your future career?

Art is a gateway subject for many future careers as well as for direct art disciplines including graphic design, textiles and costume fashion, photography, fine art and sculpture. It can lead to media studies, theatre design, landscape gardening, fashion design, architecture, jewellery design, ceramics, furniture design, interior design, animation, illustration, desktop publishing and image manipulation; these are just some of the possibilities. Portfolio guidance, advice on higher education courses and future careers in art and design are also provided.

Course of Study

  • Art, Craft and Design Personal Investigation: Structured and individual practical projects and a written and illustrated personal study of a minimum of 1000 words of continuous prose.
  • Externally set assignment: Externally set question/theme released from 1st February and an eight week preparation period leading up to a 15-hour practical examination. Preparation sheets and/ or a sketchbook should also be submitted. How is this course implemented?

Practical work takes place mainly in the Art Studio with themes of work being discussed by the student and tutor. Students are encouraged to use as wide a range of media as possible. Research is undertaken into styles, cultures and other artist’s work with evaluation and analysis playing an important part. Galleries and museums are visited and students are encouraged to use the internet in addition to art books and magazines. The sketchbook submitted for most projects plots the development of the practical work and shows the links between the student’s own work and the broader art world, both historical and contemporary.

How is this course assessed?

  • A level: Units 1 and 2 are all marked internally and then moderated by an outside examiner; Unit 2 is set externally.

Contact name for further information: Mrs. Alexandra Briggs, Head of Art

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