Religious Studies GCSE, AQA

At The Park School, all students (except EAL students) follow a Religious Studies course.

Religious Studies is highly valued by leading Universities because of the skills that are encouraged and nurtured. Successful candidates are able to consider views beyond their own personally held beliefs and are able to engage in meaningful philosophical and ethical thought (which can be applied to subjects as diverse as Computer Science and Mathematics to History and Geography). Students are also able to discuss the fundamental questions of life-based upon the key claims of a text rather than abstract assumptions.

The GCSE is divided into three separate components.

Components 1 & 2: Study of Religion

Pupils study two religions with one being an expression of the Christian faith.  In Year 10, our students study Protestant Christianity (Component 1), and in Year 11 the course considers Judaism (Component 2). For both religions, students encounter foundational theological ideas in a section called Beliefs and Teachings. Following this, the practical applications of these ideas in the lives of believers are studied in a unit called Practices.

Component 3: Philosophy and Ethics

In addition to the study of religion, the course offers an introduction to Philosophy and Ethics. Students consider critical philosophical ideas through various topics, including relationships and family life, war and peace, poverty and crime and punishment.


The GCSE course is assessed by two written papers.

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