Mathematics iGCSE, Edexcel

All students at The Park School will study this Mathematics course. The key subject aims are to:

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts and techniques
  • Acquire a foundation of mathematical skills for further study in the subject or related areas
  • Enjoy using and applying mathematical techniques and concepts, and become confident to use mathematics to solve problems
  • Appreciate the importance of mathematics in society, employment and study

Two tiers of study are offered according to a student’s abilities:

  • Foundation Tier – Target grades 1-5. Two written papers each worth 50% of the final grade.
  • Higher Tier - Target grades 4 - 9. Two written papers each worth 50% of the final grade.

This IGCSE course allows for students to be entered for their appropriate level with questions that are designed to be accessible to students of all abilities within their tier. The papers are balanced for topics and difficulty. The level attained by this course is equivalent to Edexcel's UK GCSE in Mathematics. This course is a solid base for students wishing to progress to A-level.

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