Extra Curricular Activities

Beyond the classroom, our varied and challenging extra-curricular programme gives pupils opportunities to learn, achieve and have fun through individual and team activities. Through a weekly timetabled afternoon of enrichment plus after-school provision, we encourage pupils to try new sports, learn new skills or to contribute to school life, building confidence, wellbeing and creativity. We encourage each to find their passion, pursue it and succeed.

Appreciating the Arts

Diverse creative opportunities give each child the chance to experience the creative and performing arts in a variety of forms.  At class level, we have annual Junior and Senior Drama productions and our ‘Arts Award’ programme. For individuals wishing to go further, there’s the ABRSM and LAMDA exams, the opportunity to take part in productions at Yeovil’s Octagon Theatre, or singing as a chorister in nearby Sherborne Abbey – a wealth of talent is uncovered and nurtured.

Taking part is strongly encouraged and Debating and Public Speaking provoke lively discussions on a wealth of topics.  Both as part of a team and as individuals, children thrive and grow in confidence as they perform and represent their school.

The Benefits of Sport

'Each different, each able, all valued’ is the ethos that runs through our inclusive sport curriculum and seamlessly into our extra-curricular programme.  Skills are taught, tactics are learnt and the benefits of being part of a team are evidenced.  Through encouraging our pupils to experience a wide range of sports and games, we aim for all to foster a lifelong appreciation of leading a healthy lifestyle.

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