English Language & Literature, iGCSE, Cambridge

Students follow the Cambridge iGCSE syllabus, a specification that leads to two separate qualifications in English Language and English Literature.

English Language

The English Language course enables students to communicate accurately, appropriately and effectively, either in speech or writing. It encourages students to appreciate how language is used and to promote their understanding of themselves and others. There are two main components to this iGCSE, each worth 50% of the overall mark:

The first component (Paper 1) is an examination based on responding to reading passages. The second component (Paper 2) is an examination based on Directed Writing and Composition.

There is also a third component based on Speaking and Listening which is endorsed separately.

English Literature

English Literature encourages the students’ enjoyment of reading literary texts from different periods and cultures. We also hope that it will enable the students to see the contribution of literature to understanding areas of human concern.

Paper 1 (50% of the final mark) is an examination based on Poetry and Prose.

Paper 2 (50% of the final mark) is an examination based on Drama texts (one of which is a Shakespeare play)

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