Drama GCSE, Eduqas

Do you enjoy:

  • Expressing yourself in a creative, active and exciting way?
  • Working in a group?
  • Contributing your own ideas?
  • Exploring ideas by putting yourself in other people's shoes?
  • Playing many parts in imaginary situations?
  • Creating your own Drama work?
  • Studying plays written by other people?

If so, then Drama is the subject for you!

What do students need to know before taking this course?

Students may have had experience of Drama during lessons, or they may be a member of Drama Club. These experiences can help students if they choose to do Drama as a GCSE subject. Students will develop improvisation, performance and acting skills to a higher level. They will study plays in detail and explore different ways of bringing a play to life. Those interested in the technical side of Drama (set design, costume, lighting etc) can focus on these for part of the course.

What will students learn?

Working with the Eduqas Drama GCSE Syllabus pupils will complete units that focus on the following elements:

  • Component 1: Devising Theatre. Students participate in the creation, development, and performance of a piece of devised theatre using either the techniques of an influential theatre practitioner or a genre, in response to a set stimulus. Students will keep a portfolio of their process and evaluate their final performance. (40% )
  • Component 2: Performing from a text. Students study two extracts from the same performance text. Students participate in one performance using sections of text from both extracts. (20%)
  • Component 3: Interpreting Theatre. Students work towards a written exam after practically exploring a set text. Questions approach from a director, actors and design point of view. Students also complete a review of a live theatre performance they have seen. (40%)

Students also benefit from learning other transferable skills such as teamwork, communication skills, analysing text and presentation skills.

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