Design & Technology - Product Design, GCSE, AQA

Design and technology should be the subject where mathematical brain boxes and science whiz kids
turn their bright ideas into useful products.
James Dyson

Design and Technology encourages students to be inspired, moved and challenged by following a broad, coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study to gain an insight into related sectors, such as manufacturing and engineering. It prepares students to make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career choices such as: Graphic designer, Fashion buyer, Designer, Art worker, Merchandiser, Magazine editor or publisher, Computer graphics, Interior design or Engineering.

Students gain insight into a broad range of material areas; such as: textiles, metals and alloys, timber, paper and board, polymers (plastics) and composite materials. Students will be able to mix media and create innovative products and ideas.

This course is for students who have enjoyed Design and Technology in years 7-9 and have a good, positive work ethic. The skills they develop are transferable and beneficial for students who want to develop essential 21st century skills: independence, critical thinking, inquiry, research, analytical, innovation, problem-solving, and much more.

Alex uses his D&T skills every day... “I couldn’t see how I could get here now, which is designing products that are sold internationally, without that first step of Design and Technology.Alex Gort-Barten Designer for Dualit

Abbie designs spacecraft... “D&T was my favourite subject at school – the one time that I got to apply my creativity and problem solving skills to the creation of new products, and see my ideas become reality.” Abbie Hutty MEng (Hons) CEng FIMechE MIET Lead Spacecraft Structures Engineer, ExoMars Rover Project Airbus Defence and Space

Paul says D&T is important... “In a world which is so oversupplied, one way to succeed and stand out is to have a creative and lateral way of thinking about things. Creativity makes businesses, careers and futures for people and this is why subjects like Design and Technology are so important.” Sir Paul Smith Fashion Designer

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