NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award in Food & Cookery

The Food and Cookery award is an excellent course designed for students who are motivated and challenged by learning through hands-on practical content. The course is designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge and understanding of the applied study of good food and cookery practices.

During the course, students will gain a broad understanding of the preparation of food, including the following:

  • the safe and hygienic practices for themselves and the cooking environment
  • the main food groups and the key nutrients required for a healthy diet
  • food recommendations for specific needs/age groups
  • planning and producing dishes in response to a brief
  • how to create a recipe.

To be awarded NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award in Food and Cookery, students are required to complete and pass two mandatory units. Students must also achieve a minimum of a “Level 1 Pass” in the internal and external assessments.

  • Unit 1 is an externally assessed written examination. The examination is worth 40% of the qualification and is based on the principles of food safety, nutrition and food choices.
  • Unit 2 is an internally assessed synoptic project. The internal assessment is worth 60% of the qualification and is based on developing preparation and cooking skills.

The NCFE V Cert qualification is recognised by the department for education as a technical qualification that is equivalent to GCSE qualifications. As such, the qualification is graded Level 1 Pass / Merit / Distinction / Distinction* and Level 2 Pass / Merit / Distinction / Distinction* (equivalent to GCSE grades 1-8.5).

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