Business Studies GCSE, AQA

Why study Business Studies GCSE?

This subject is valuable and relevant regardless of a student's future education choices or career ambitions, It provides a foundation for those who plan to study Business or Economics in the future and work in industry. Additionally, a public sector employee such as a nurse may need to control budgets, manage a team or give staff appraisals, all of which are covered by this course. This subject will help to teach students how to structure an essay, think logically, analyse data and work independently. Students gain valuable transferable skills while learning a dynamic and interesting subject. Business Studies is different from anything pupils have studied previously and its relevance extends way beyond the classroom environment.

Aims of the Course

  • To demonstrate knowledge and understanding of business concepts and issues
  • To apply knowledge and understanding to different business situations
  • To develop chains of analysis relating to issues raised
  • To make informed business decisions to solve business problems

Business Studies GCSE encourages students to think commercially and creatively about the current issues facing real businesses. Students are expected to consider the role of Operations, HRM, Finance and Marketing as they react to change in the external environment, and coordinate their actions to achieve business objectives. Students will also need to develop quantitative skills and interpret numerical data to inform business decisions.

The GCSE Business Studies exam course we follow is provided by AQA and includes:

  • Business in the real world
  • Influences on business
  • Business operations
  • Human resources (HRM)
  • Marketing
  • Finance


Paper 1 Influences of Operations and HRM on Business Activity (50% of GCSE)

Paper 2 Influences of Marketing and Finance on Business Activity (50% of GCSE)

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