BTEC Sport - BTEC First Certificate

The BTEC Level 2 First Certificate in Sport offers an engaging programme and the underpinning knowledge required for students to explore their interest in the world of sport. It is primarily a vocational course, but does have two units that are externally examined by a controlled assessment.

No terminal examination is taken by the students. Instead, ongoing assessment in the form of assignments is taken throughout the two years of study. All internally assessed units are subjected to external verification and validation.

The course of study at The Park School requires students to undertake 8 units: 2 core, 1 mandatory and 5 optional specialist units.

Core Units

  • Unit 1  Fitness for Sport and Exercise - External Assessment
  • Unit 2  Practical Sports Performance - Internal Assessment

Mandatory Unit

  • Unit 7  Anatomy & Physiology for Sports Performance External Assessment

Optional Specialist Units - Internal Assessment

  • Unit 3  The Mind and Sports Performance
  • Unit 4  The Sports Performer in Action 
  • Unit 5  Training for Personal Fitness 
  • Unit 9  Lifestyle and Well-being 
  • Unit 10  Injury and the Sports Performer 

To attain the Level 2 First Certificate in Sport, students must complete all 8 units to a minimum of PASS standard. They can also gain a Merit or a Distinction for each individual unit.

The course offers a stepping stone into several A-level subjects and assistance with other GCSE’s. Units 4 and 7 both have links with Biology; unit 9 has a link with Food Technology and unit 3 offers an introduction to aspects of Psychology.

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