Senior (Y7 - Y11)

From the age of 11 (Secondary School Year 7) children enter the Senior School and have the opportunity to flourish academically, physically, emotionally and spiritually in our family environment. An independent school with small class sizes provides a unique learning experience across a wide-ranging curriculum and a huge variety of extra-curricular activities.

In the Senior School we have two classes in each year group allowing teachers to give individual support and guidance to each pupil according to their needs and abilities. Our students gain self-confidence through the knowledge that they are valued as individuals, each recognised for their own strengths and talents. Numbers per class are very much lower than in the state school model where children can feel lost in classes of 30 or more. 

Senior Curriculum

At The Park School we offer a broad and balanced curriculum to promote independent learning, reward achievement, celebrate success and nurture the talents of all.  Our commitment to small classes and a flexible approach allows us to offer differentiation and personalisation for pupils with a variety of gifts, talents and abilities. Our aim is equip our pupils with a solid foundation for future study giving them independence, confidence to think for themselves and to be active learners.

All year groups follow a comprehensive PSHE course appropriate to their age. For further information, see our Policies page.

Y9 Curriculum

In year 9 all pupils study English or EAL, Mathematics and follow a timetable providing experience of a broad core curriculum, which includes three Sciences, Humanities, two Languages, Art, Music and Drama, Computer Science, Religious Studies and Physical Education.

Y10 + Y11 Curriculum

At The Park School, we recognise the importance of decisions that students make in their transition from Year 9 to Key Stage 4. In this challenging phase of their education, it is our aim to help each pupil with clear and informed guidance regarding their choices and to match these to individual aspirations, interests and abilities.

The Park School Key Stage 4 curriculum is designed to ensure that students have a broad and balanced learning experience to allow them a wide choice of pathways at 16+. The curriculum comprises subjects that are compulsory for every student, and a choice of some optional subjects.

The compulsory subjects are:  English Language & Literature (or EAL), Mathematics, Science (either Dual or Triple) and Religious Studies. Together with Physical Education and a robust PSHE programme, this forms a rounded education for all.

Students are also expected to select four further optional subjects from: Art & Design, Business Studies, Computer Science, Drama, Design & Technology, Food & Cookery NCFE, French, Geography, History, Music, Spanish and BTEC Sport.

Click here for The Park School Key Stage 4 Curriculum

For more information, please see our Curriculum Policy.

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