Pre-Prep (Reception, Y1 & Y2)

Every child should be happy, secure, valued and confident. The Park School’s philosophy is to value every child as a unique individual, who enjoys learning and thinking for him or herself. The School provides a supportive and secure environment in which every child can flourish and learn at their own pace and in their own individual way. 

The School’s role is to stimulate and encourage their development and enjoyment of learning through a variety of different activities in secure indoor and outdoor situations, through play and through structured and creative activities.  The School encourages the growth of social skills and empathy amongst the children. Relationships which the children develop with each other and with our staff are central to their happiness and lay the best possible foundation for their future.

Forest School

In our private woodland grounds we offer a forest school experience and our pupils enjoy their time spent outside the normal classroom environment.  They learn varied skills including photo orienteering, use of tools, identification of trees, measuring the moisture of sticks for fires and about water flow and erosion of river banks.  They also create artwork and pictures using natural resources.  Our forest school leader is very experienced. 

We regularly take children on trips to the local park, Church, library, theatre, farm and so on. These are designed to help the children to acquire a basic understanding of our traditions, of the natural world and of the importance of other cultures. 

Children are accommodated in dedicated classrooms and outdoor play areas. However, as an integral part of the school, the pre-prep children make full use of the Prep School’s facilities, such as the dining hall, playground and outdoor play area. 

Food and Drink

Children bring their own fruit and snack for morning break and after school, should they use the late room facility. Drinking water is available throughout the day, as we fully recognise the importance of proper hydration. Drinks and biscuits are provided in the afternoon. For more information on our delicious school meals, click here.


Assemblies are formal occasions which foster a collective spirit.  They are Christian; but are designed to be respectful of other faiths.  Assemblies provide an excellent public setting in which to commend children for special work, acts of kindness or helpfulness, and to award completed star charts. We celebrate children’s birthdays daily and children are invited to wear non-uniform on their birthday and bring cakes to share with their friends and teachers!


Click here for details about uniform requirements.

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