WW1 History Alive in Year 9

WW1 History Alive in Year 9

This term our Year 9 History students have worked so enthusiastically and studiously, that a proud Mrs Richards felt compelled to write a few words…

In studying the causes and events of WW1, and to build on their classroom learning, Year 9 were set a homework task to research and create a project about the Great War with the expectation that they would spend at least 5 hours on the task in total.







Some students clearly spent much longer putting their projects together (as you can see) and have created some innovative ways of presenting their work - from diaries, stories, drawings, newspapers, military reports, powerpoint presentations, letters to and from the Front, photographs, case studies and poems.  They have discovered the role of animals, different weapons, conditions in the trenches, the role of women, key battles, key individuals, the cost of the war and the end of the war.

“We have some incredibly hard-working, enthusiastic and talented students.  I just wanted to publicly thank them for all their hard work - I have been blown away by what they have produced.” Mrs Richards

Released On 10th Dec 2018


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