London Museum Day for the Park School

London Museum Day for the Park School

Students from the senior school  visited the Natural History Museum, Science Museum and V&A this week to support their studies in Science, Art and Computing. We arrived at 11 am and Art students went to look at the amazing Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. Students worked hard on their sketchbooks and made lots of notes; we were all finding it hard to choose our favourite image.  Meanwhile the rest of the students went off to explore the Human Biology galleries, learning about cells, nerves and hormones.  

After  lunch Mr Coles took some students off to the Science Museum to explore the exhibition on the 'Information Age' which obviously had to include computers.  He fulfilled his wish and held a Jupiter Ace 4000 computer!  Art students visited the V&A to explore the oriental and middle eastern galleries looking at textures and forms.  The rest of us visited the dinosaurs and mammals after we had taken a journey to the centre of the earth and experienced how it would feel to be in an earthquake.   Y9 also managed to look at weathering and erosion and explored the rock cycle, a topic which they will cover later this year.

We finally left london ladened down with goodies from the gift shop and wearily headed home.

Tessa Safadi, Science

Released On 9th Mar 2018


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