Houses of Parliament Trip

Houses of Parliament Trip

On Thursday 30 November Mr Cudworth and Mrs Stosiek took 7 of our students up to the Houses of Parliament.

They were able to see first hand the heart of government itself: Parliament Square; the proximity (physical and spiritual) of the Church and State in this country, with Westminster Abbey (where our monarchs are crowned) literally a stone’s throw away from the seat of power; the unassuming yet poignant Cenotaph memorial; and Downing Street.

The tour of the Houses of Parliament itself was very informative, the buildings impressive, and the guide taken aback by the knowledge and engagement displayed by our students.

They were able to witness both Houses in action and see 2 debates: the Lords were debating the effects on NHS staff morale and training caused by the latest government cuts; and the Commons were in an emergency debate over the crisis in the Yemen.

They saw the Deputy Speaker and the Opposition get increasingly frustrated by a government foreign office minister taking far too long to get to the point (mainly because he kept on fumbling through his notes!) – he was even corrected at one point by one of his own back-benchers!   They saw Hillary Benn congratulate him on his use of the term “blockade” (he hadn’t meant to say that – it slipped out!) and Emily Thornberry, Shadow Foreign Secretary, leap to her feet and shoot him down in one sentence!

The Houses of Parliament put on a workshop just for us, where our students formed political parties, came up with a manifesto (and how to fund their promises) and a slogan. Then they took part in a vote. The “Labour After Party” won the election. They promised to lower the voting age to 16, hold a second referendum on Brexit and extend the retirement age to 75. Mrs Stosiek became Education Minister and Alec became Prime Minister!  The “UK People’s Party” formed the official Opposition (led by Hamish), and the “Antidisestablishmentarians” unfortunately did not gain any seats!

Thank you to Mr Cudworth and Mrs Stosiek for organising the trip, and thank you to our students who were excellent ambassadors for our school.

Released On 4th Dec 2017


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