Donington for Engineering Club

Donington for Engineering Club

The Park School Engineering Club to Ride High at British Motorcycle Race Meet

The Park School Engineering club, comprising of 4 pupils from years 10 & 11, will set a first on Saturday16th June when they enter a BMCRC motorcycle race at Donington Park.

Physics teacher, Mr Gill, who currently holds the Mellano Trophy for being the Champion of Champions at the British Motor Cycle Racing Club, runs the school’s engineering club and encouraged the pupils to think big this year. Their project since September has been to reconstruct a 400cc bike for entry into the EDIasia sub 64 F400 Championship, at the BMCRC (British Motorcycle Racing Club) meeting at Donington on Saturday 16th June.

“This type of project has been really good for the pupils; it’s opened their eyes to affordable sport, and has been especially encouraging to those wishing to pursue a career in engineering too.”

“The most challenging part has been obtaining bike parts; 25-year-old race parts are rare and can be expensive. The pupils have used their initiative and raised funds for new parts by cleaning up and selling old parts; they’ve been very resourceful!”

“To my knowledge, there hasn’t been a school team enter the race before, it’s a remarkable achievement for the team to have built a bike that passed the technical inspection to enter the race. They should be very proud and I hope they do well on the day and qualify to race.” reports Mr Gill.

Jane Huntington, Head, said “I really hope that the team does well, they have put such a lot of effort in their spare time to this project. I wish them every success at the race meeting.”

Released On 9th Jun 2018


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