Castles & Dragons Trip

Castles & Dragons Trip

One of the benefits of teaching History is that I get to organise trips to great places and this week Mrs Stonier and I took Year 7 to Wales where we met the newest resident of Caerphilly Castle - a smoke-breathing dragon!  

We visited the castles at Caerphilly and Chepstow and students completed a booklet to build on knowledge from their lessons. For example, they identified different types of defensive features, looked at how the castles were used as both homes and seats of power and considered how looking at the architecture (in particular the shape of arches) allowed them to date the different phases of castle development.  This will greatly help them with their homework project next term which will be to build a castle!

Some of the students even learnt a little Welsh too.... ask them if you see them! A good day was had by all, and the warm sunshine and ice cream made it even better!


Mrs Richards
Head of History

Released On 26th Mar 2019


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