Scheherazade Prep Production

Scheherazade Prep Production

Congratulations to everyone involved in the musical production of Scheherazade that took place at the end of term.

The play drew on the talents of a great team directed by Mrs Fisher. Credits should be given to the entire cast, George & Luke on lighting detail, Mr Rice who superbly managed the music, Mrs Gifford and team for the fantastic set and props and to everyone involved in hair and make-up. 

Scheherazade is a musical which features four of the Tales of the Arabian Nights, offering a rich mix of song, drama, dance and culture.

The story begins with two children poking around an interesting junk shop, looking for a birthday present for their Grandfather. They discover a heavy dust-covered book – “Tales of the Arabian Nights”. A mysterious “shopkeeper” suddenly appears and begins to tell them about Scheherazade, who saves her own life (and the lives of many other women) simply by her storytelling.

The Sultan, who is under an evil spell, marries a different woman every night and has her head cut off in the morning! Scheherazade risks her own life by marrying him but manages to stay alive because of the amazing stories she tells him every night. After 1001 nights, she runs out of stories and wishes that the Sultan could be freed from the curse. Magically, her wish is granted.

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Released On 4th Apr 2019


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