Bovington Brings History To Life

Bovington Brings History To Life

Earlier this week Year 9 and Year 10 Historians spent the day at Bovington Tank Museum.

The students participated in three different workshops investigating the role of Tanks in 20th Century Warfare, Medicine on the Western Front and the Rise of Hitler. 

During these workshops students were able to handle artefacts and use a range of sources and interpretations to create presentations about various aspects of life in 1920s Germany and how Hitler came to power. 

Some students were even more ‘hands on’ when it came to learning about Trench Medicine with several students wearing the uniforms of army medics, nurses and surgeons.  Louie had the easiest of job of all as he played the casualty, although when Amelia was wielding an excising knife and a hacksaw to remove his leg, I think he probably reconsidered his decision to volunteer for the role! 

We also had an opportunity to explore the museum more fully and look at other displays and exhibits before we returned to school.  It was nice to see the enthusiasm with which students explored the museum and I was very impressed by the knowledge and interest.

Mrs Kate Richards, Head of History

Released On 18th Jan 2019


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