Houses of Parliament Trip

Houses of Parliament Trip

The Park School Brings Ray of Sunshine to Stormy Houses of Parliament

A group of ten curious-minded and engaged Park School Senior students braved wind and rain to bring a ray of sunshine to the Houses of Parliament last week.  Upon arrival in Parliament Square, the clouds parted and the sun shone out!

We could not have picked a more exciting time to visit, with Brexit dominating the headlines and the Prime Minister trying to ward off attacks from all sides.

The tour of the Houses of Parliament was excellent, and our students took everything in with awe and eyes wide open as if they could not get enough. We sat through debates in both Chambers: in an almost empty House of Commons, MPs were debating the issue of retaining teachers due to poor wages. Mr Cudworth and Mrs Stosiek nodded sagely at this. And in the House of Lords, we heard an enthralling debate about the rise in violent crime due to government cuts.

A workshop on debating, voting and law-making was succinct and informative, and our students shone in their maturity and focus. They decided to debate whether or not to lower the voting age to 16 and both sides argued with respect and intellect.  All the workshop leader had to do was set the ball rolling and look on in admiration at a group of sure-minded senior students. In the end, the proposal in favour of lowering the voting age to 16 was passed with amendments. Hear, Hear!

Our students impressed with their positivity and engagement. Whilst politicians in Parliament cling tightly to ramshackle rafts of their own making in a stormy sea, lost and rudderless, our wonderful Park School students bring us hope that the next generation will do better than us.

Thanks go to Mr Cudworth and Mrs Stosiek for arranging such a worthwhile trip.

Released On 5th Dec 2018


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