Year 7 Enjoy Castle Campaign

Year 7 Enjoy Castle Campaign

Park School Year 7 pupils recently visited Caerphilly and Chepstow Castles to enhance their classroom learning about the changing purpose and design of castles, looking specifically at methods of defence and attack. 

Caerphilly, built towards the end of the 13th century, provided excellent evidence of all the ‘latest’ defensive design features and a replica trebuchet, mangonel, ballista & perrier, and gave the students a better understanding of how sieges would be carried out including the range and effectiveness of the weapons.  Did you know a trebuchet could send a 136kg projectile approximately 275 metres?

Chepstow, by comparison, allowed a better understanding of how the design changed over time as the castle was first built in 1067 and continued to be extended and adapted right up until during the English Civil War in the mid 17th century.  Different phases of building were easily identified by the students by looking at the architecture of windows, fireplaces and even the walls themselves.  

Students enjoyed exploring the various parts of the castles and taking turns in the Pillory (ably demonstrated in the photo by Dylan!)  Although I am not sure how much they enjoyed  the many spiral staircases we ascended and descended!  (According to my Fitbit we walked up the equivalent of 55 flights of stairs!) Overall Caerphilly proved to be the most popular of the two castles due to its size and scale. 

Unsurprisingly, the gift shops proved very popular too and numerous wooden swords and sets of bows and arrows made their way back to Somerset along with the odd Welsh Dragon or two and bags of fudge!

I am now looking forward to seeing all of the different model Castles the students have been working on for their homework project. (Deadline Monday, 30th April) Hopefully they will be able to incorporate some of the features they saw on our trip.

Mrs Richards

Released On 23rd Apr 2018


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