WW1 History brought to life at Bovington

WW1 History brought to life at Bovington

Year 9 and Year 10 History Trip to Bovington Tank Museum

The focus of our Year 9 History curriculum is ‘20th century world history’ so a trip to Bovington Tank Museum to participate in workshops on World War One and the Changing Nature of Warfare in the 20th Century  was an ideal opportunity to take our learning out of the classroom.

Upon our arrival we became WW1 recruits being checked for the correct height and age before ‘travelling’ to the Somme where we experienced life in the trenches.  Tom and Patrick had an opportunity to dress up as a ‘Tommy’ and get a feel for all the equipment that a soldier would have carried. 

After investigating some of the earliest tanks, including the only surviving Mark 1 ‘male’ tank in existence in the world, we moved into the Education suite where our second workshop began.

The Park School dressing up at Bovington Tank MuseumWorld War One Trench Medicine is a key focus of our GCSE History course so it was great that our Year 10 students were able to join us for this.  Lots of dressing up and role play followed with Alec ‘receiving’ a gunshot wound and requiring the help of stretcher bearers and various military and medical personnel as the students learnt about the ‘chain of evacuation’.

After lunch our third workshop took place.  Tom, Natasha  Jack and Alec all ‘modelled’ military uniform and equipment from across the last 100 years or so.  Other students then had an opportunity to try on the kit and experience the weight of the guns and body armour.

Some free time to explore the museum more fully and visit the gift shop followed before we made our way back to school.

A really enjoyable experience was had by all.

Kate Richards, Head of History

Released On 9th Mar 2018


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