Pre-Prep & Prep School

Pre-Prep (Reception, Y1 & Y2)  Prep (Y3 - Y6)

A family atmosphere prevails here at The Park Prep and Pre-Prep school. We firmly believe that by providing a happy, caring and safe environment where each child’s individuality is valued, we give every pupil the best opportunity to achieve to his or her potential. Good relationships between pupils, staff and parents are central to our aims and ethos.

Our pupils’ academic achievement is only one part of the picture; we encourage every pupil to take responsibility, to look after each other, to be articulate and courteous. Confidence is vitally important, and we provide opportunities to develop in our pupils the confidence to tackle life’s challenges head-on. Ultimately, our goal is for the children to be ‘the best possible version of themselves’.

We are proud that we KNOW our children; our dedicated teaching team identifies what each individual needs and prioritises learning experiences that are relevant and meaningful to them.  We believe that we have a duty to create a supportive, nurturing environment where the children can be successful and proud of their achievements. We aim to inspire, enthuse and challenge our pupils and encourage them to take ownership of their own learning. Despite being in the 21st century, we believe in instilling traditional values including good manners, commitment and sportsmanship as well as providing each pupil with a sound moral compass giving them the tools to gain a better understanding of spiritual, cultural, social and moral values, and the ability to make discerning choices in life.

A combination of small class sizes and a broad curriculum allows us to find every child’s strengths and enables them to flourish, whilst we offer support in any areas they may find more challenging. English, Mathematics and Science naturally form the core of our curriculum, but our pupils also study French, Spanish, History, Geography, ICT, Religious Studies, Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE), Art, Music, Drama, PE (including Games and Swimming) and Forest School. A programme of afternoon enrichment offers further opportunities to learn, achieve and enjoy.  We do not prepare our pupils to sit SATS in Year 6; this is because we teach the core subjects with added breadth, not just to meet the requirements of tests.  

There are many additional positive aspects of being part of a larger school.  The Prep children readily commit and are very passionate about taking part in House activities, contributing enthusiastically for the benefit of their House with the ultimate goal of winning the House Cup annually. Pupils and teachers also frequently take advantage of our extensive and beautiful grounds for outdoor and forest activities.  As the school is an all through school, the children in the Prep and Pre-Prep benefit from building long-lasting relationships outside of their immediate peers and across different year groups. This makes the transition from Y6 to Y7 smooth and worry-free.

Find out more... we would love the opportunity to show you around our school. Please contact our admissions team to book a place on one of our regular Open Mornings or a Personal Tour.  01935 852195 -

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