Prep School (Y3 - Y6)

The Prep at The Park School is a happy and relaxed place to learn and make friends.  An independent School, with small class sizes the Prep pastoral and subject teachers know each child as an individual, and learning experiences are designed to cater for each pupil's specific needs. The real strength of our school lies in our nurture of each child to enable them to develop a strong sense of self belief.  We are proud to raise confident, courteous children who are well-mannered and considerate of others.

The size of each year group will vary according to the numer of children on our roll. In the Prep School we aim to keep our classes small and in Years 3-6 children are in individual year groups. Numbers per class are very much lower than in the state school model where children can feel lost in clases of 30 or more. 

Our Prep children are taught by staff who concentrate on their own specialist areas, offering pupils the opportunity to explore a wide range of subjects with teachers who share their passion for their learning adventure.

In Year 6 we opt out of the SATS testing system. This is because we teach the core subjects with added breadth, not just to meet the requirements of the tests.  We also teach a wider range of additional subjects.  Pupils in our Prep School learn French and Spanish as well as having Music and PE lessons with our Senior School subject specialists.

Daily Routine

The school day for Years 3 - 6 is 8.30 am to - 4.45 pm with wraparound care available from 8.00am - 5.30 pm.

The daily sessions for Years 3 - 6 are:

  • Mornings: 8.30 - 12.40
  • There is a 15 minute morning break (Pupils are encouraged to bring a healthy snack).
  • Lunch: 12.40 in the dining room, there is a wide choice available for all pupils in our canteen style servery.  Family meals are eaten together and teachers eat their meals with the children.
  • Afternoons: 13.30 - 4.45 pm, including an afternoon break with school snack & drink.

Keeping in touch

In the Prep School the Pastoral Tutor is responsible for the pastoral care of each child and they are available each day to talk to parents, so any concerns or news items from the day, or arrangements for the following day can be addressed.  Individual class tutors contact information can be found here

There is a weekly School Newsletter which is emailed to parents every Friday during term time.

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