Creative Art

A wide variety of creative opportunities gives each child the chance to experience creative art in a variety of forms. In addition to curriculum art and design, we nurture pupils' creative talents by encouraging them to practice practical art as part of our enrichment programme and by entering competitions and shows.  We support students to think beyond 2D drawing and painting and many present pieces in 3D sculpture, sewing, embroidery, wirework or collage for example. 

See our GCSE Art Gallery 2018

National Competitions

Our students frequently perform well at art shows. Most recently two of our pupils won first prizes in the Key Stage 4 categories at the ISA Regional Art Competition. Read more here: 

This followed a National Award in 2017. 

ISA National Art Winner - The Tiger Who Came to Tea | The Park School Year 1

The Arts Award

From year 10 gifted art students are invited to take the Arts Award (a creative version of the DofE). The Arts Award inspires young people to grow their arts and leadership talents: it's creative, valuable and accessible. It's a recognised award that is valuable for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the creative arts.  See ArtsAward news here:

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