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Located in the stunning parkland grounds of our Chilton estate, the Riverside Lodge boarding house boasts spacious and comfortable bedrooms with attractive modern furniture and contemporary styling.

On two levels, it provides twin rooms and dormitory bedrooms that allow each boarding student their own space for their personal belongings and a comfy place to sleep.  Male and female students board on separate, self-contained floors with private bathroom facilities. A communal lounge, known as ‘The Swamp,’ provides space for TV and gaming, pool, table football, jigsaws, board games and table tennis, with comfortable seating and doors that open out onto a patio.  A bar area provides Wi-Fi and internet access for all students in a safe public environment. It is a fantastic social space where everyone comes together and socialises for weekly movie nights, birthday celebrations and pool matches, to name but a few. It’s also our vital news hub, where messages and post are circulated on a daily basis. 

A well-equipped kitchenette area also allows students to have some independence to make drinks and light snacks for themselves, just as they would at home. And often in the evenings, the House team will sit and have a coffee to catch up to see how the day went.
The boarding house has its own raised patio area with covered veranda and picnic benches where boarders can relax outside of school time.  Situated right in the middle of the open grounds and parkland, when the school is closed, the boarders can use this as their exclusive garden.

Head of Boarding, Mrs Robson, also known as Mrs. R, also lives with the resident house dog, Myrtle, who enjoys the company of a large household very much.

"No matter what the problem is, everyone is there just waiting to give you some help if you need it."

Boarders' ActivitiesFun at Go Ape

Boarding life is fun, with a variety of evening and weekend activities available.

During term time weekends boarding pupils spend their time completing homework tasks and they have specified prep times for this.  The boarding team also organises activities and trips at weekends that may include trips to the cinema, shopping, the beach or to historic local sites.

We are situated in the beautiful south of England, in the heart of Somerset, during the evenings there is a programme for the boarders to immerse themselves in and at the weekends we arrange recreational trips within the immediate area and the surrounding counties to various places of interest. There is plenty of down time; we have beautiful grounds where they have time to take part in popular team games or spend some relaxing quiet time.

We also run a Health and Wellbeing programme in conjunction with Nuffield Health in Yeovil.  Boarders can become members of the gym and fitness centre and we provide a minibus service to the centre on scheduled evenings and at weekends. 


It is a legal requirement for all international boarding pupils to have a UK-based guardian accredited by AEGIS (see below).  The guardian is responsible for making arrangements for the student's transport, travel, and care during the half term holidays, and they must be within a 2 hour journey of the school. They will also need to be called upon in an emergency, at times of illness for example, or in the event of school closure.

As we are not able to recommend guardians, may we direct you to the AEGIS website where you will find a host of information and advice along with lists of local guardians.  www.aegisuk.net


The Park School has a reputation for academic success and while it retains the Christian tradition on which it was founded, we welcome pupils from all denominations and faiths.

Students are encouraged to integrate into British cultural traditions and the school also takes part in and celebrates our boarders’ own cultural traditions.










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