Term Dates

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Summer Term 2019

Tuesday 23 April   Inset Day / Boarders return
Wednesday 24 April   First Day of Term
Monday 6 May   Bank Holiday
Friday 24 May (4pm)   Half term begins
Sunday 2 June (7pm)   Boarders return
Monday 3 June   Term resumes
Saturday 13 July   Speech Day & End of Term

Academic Year 2019-2020


Autumn Term 2019

Tuesday 3 September   Inset Day
Wednesday 4 September   Inset Day
Thursday 5 September   First Day of term
Friday 18 October (3.30pm)   Half Term starts (two weeks)
Monday 4 November   Term resumes
Friday 13 December   Last day of term

Spring Term 2020

Friday 3 January   Inset Day
Monday 6 January   First Day of Term
Friday 14 February (3.30pm)   Half term begins
Monday 24 February   Term resumes
Friday 3 April   Last day of term

Summer Term 2020

Tuesday 21 April   Inset Day
Wednesday 22 April   First Day of Term
Friday 8 May   Bank Holiday
Friday 22 May (3.30pm)   Half term begins
Monday 1 June   Term resumes
Saturday 11 July   Speech Day & End of Term


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