Form Tutors

Below is a list of Form Tutors with contact details for this academic year.

Reception Mrs H Reed & Mrs S Bourne
Year 1 & 2 Mrs H Reed & Mrs M Gifford
Year 3 Mr J Allen
Year 4 Mrs N Fisher
Year 5 Mr P Horne
Year 6 Mrs N Hancock
7C Mr D Cudworth
7V Mrs M Volkelt-Igoe
8S Mrs H Stonier
8M Dr H Mort
9S Miss T Safadi
9C Mr R Cawley
10BC Mrs L Baimbridge
11RG Mr R Coles
12TM Mr L Tulett & Mrs V Marsh
13TG Mrs C Thompson & Mr W Griffith



OPEN MORNINGS: You're invited to see our small, friendly school in our NEW location!
Thur 27 September & Wed 10 October (Early Years)
Please contact admissions to book your place or call 01935 850555

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